Dryer Repair

Once your dryer starts taking a longer period of time than normal to dry your cloth, you should start considering repairing it as that is a paramount sign of a broken dryer and we are rightly here to be of great help to you in repairing your dryer.

Here’s A Few Tips

For best drying results, clean the lint filter before each load

Never use white plastic exhaust duct on any dryer!! The stuff is not only flammable, but it increases drying time tremendously!

Raising the dryer 6-12 inches with a storage drawer below puts the door opening near level with the washer opening and reduces bending.

Dryer Repair

A dryer that is working perfectly uses air or heat to dry a cloth, so when there is no heat produced by the dryer, it is signifying that the dryer is broken and the service of professionals is immediately required. You should first check if the dryer setting is correct as this could actually cause a minor problem for the dryer, but if the setting is correct, trained technician will have to work on the dryer

Common Issues

Some people also complain about the failure of their dryer to rotate. This important sign of a broken dryer is usually as a result of faulty belt. Belt is one of the main components of a dryer that are responsible for its function and once the belt is faulty, the dryer will not rotate. If the tension roller is also not running well, the dryer may not rotate.

A dryer that is working perfectly uses air or heat to dry a cloth, so when there is no heat produced by the dryer, it is signifying that the dryer is broken. You should first check if the dryer setting is correct as this could actually cause a minor problem for the dryer, but if the setting is correct, a trained technician will have to work on the dryer.

Conclusively, whatever signs you are noticing in your dryer, it is important to hire the service of professionals to make the dryer work perfectly. We service all brands of dryers such as Kenmore, LG, Magic Chef, Amana, Jenn-Air, Admiral, Hotpoint, Whirlpool, Inglis, Kitchen Aid, Glenwood, Maytag, Frigidaire and General Electric.

Customer Reviews

"Jimmy Hernandez was persistent in determining the cause of two refrigerator problems. He fixed both and I'm happy with the result."

Richard B.

“This company was available the same day I called and found the part I needed and came back to repair the same day.”

Margaret H

“Very friendly and on time Works well with the customer and listens. Did work for quoted priec”

John R

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Appliance Repair Tips

An appliance is a device that makes life easier by enhancing you to do all the work you want to do at a faster rate and more efficiently. There are different types of appliances that could be found in various homes today such as microwave, dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves and many other types which I did not mentioned. Unless the appliance breaks down, you can never think of repairing it. Appliance repair is very expensive. When your appliance breaks down, what will first come to your mind is to reach out to an expert on such appliance that can assist you to repair the problem.

Moreover, most of the problems that occur on your appliances can be resolved by you without wasting your time in calling any professional. All what you need to do is to have few knowledge of things concerning that appliances and let it be part of you. By so doing, you will be able to repair your appliances by DIY method.

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If you want to become an expert in repairing your appliances by yourself, you need to get the appropriate tools for you to get the job done. Your suitable tools must include:

Screwdrivers: This must be a set of screwdriver that ranges from 4 to 5 in numbers.

A nut driver set: This will be useful because most of the appliances have nuts which must be loosened before the commencement of the repairs.

A set of different meters: This includes a voltage meter, an ohm meter and an amp meter.

Hose Clamps: This is useful whenever there is any appliance repair that is related to a water line.

However, if you want to be specialized on a certain appliance, it is very important to look for video or guiding manual on how to carry out the repairing task. If you know the exact problem of the appliance, then you can type it in Google search. For example, “How to repair appliances”? When this sentence is typed inside the search engine, different types of articles, websites, blogs that have any content relating to that sentence will pop up and this could guide you tot eh appropriate channel from online that can help you get some tips and demonstration on “How to repair appliances” quickly and appropriately.

Another way by which you can repair appliance is to go through the manufacturer’s manual for such type of appliance where you can get series of information on “How to repair appliances”. Some manufacturers do have PDF of the repair in their website where you can download and solve the problem by yourself.

Appliance repair doesn’t look daunting as people considered it to be. You must have the basic tools and knowledge on how to repair your appliances. By so doing, you will save yourself time and money later in future. But if it's the case  that you think the repair is above your skill, it is recommended to call an expert to do the repair for you. Above all, ensure that you check if the appliance is not covered by any service agreement or warranty and make sure you know how to use the warranty very suitably. If you start with basics, then the problem is solved.

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